Consulting Services

Builders of all sizes can face periods of disruptive change whether due to rapid expansion or the need to shed assets and debt.

I tailor my consulting services to suit your individual needs whether this includes renegotiating loans, finding new funding sources, preparing the ground for financial statements to be reviewed or audited, or helping with restructuring, redesigning job descriptions, and other operational matters.

The consulting engagements can range from weekly engagements over the course of many months or years (for example, to help prepare for an IPO) to short-term engagements to help you find a new lender for a project.

I work hard to deliver results that are acceptable to both management and external stakeholders such as lenders. I believe the best solutions are not just profitable but founded on a sustainable business model where the needs of each stakeholder are accounted for.

Please visit the Past Projects page to see high level summaries of some projects.

If you are interested in consulting services or just want to find out more, please contact me for an introductory meeting.

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