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I offer financial, strategic, and operational consulting to builders and developers ranging from one-man shops to larger companies preparing for their IPOs. Often my clients are dealing with periods of major change due to rapid expansion
or the need to shed assets and debt.

Some of our services have included:

Acting as interim CFO

Renegotiating loans or finding new funding, including vertical financing

Preparing the ground for financial statements reviews and audits

I can also

Help with addressing lumber price fluctuations

Redesign job descriptions, including measures to improve accountability

Help companies interact with with tax accountants

In addition to consulting services, I offer Builder Navigator Software to help builders create project pro-formas, cash flow projections, and inventory reporting as well as forecasted financial statements.
With nearly 20 years of experience in residential real estate

Lamont Jacobsen Consultant

“I am glad you are here and I look forward to serving you!”

Lamont is a University of Washington graduate who spent time in public accounting, part of it with Deloitte & Touche – one of the world’s largest international accounting and consulting firms.

Later he became CFO of one of the largest privately held builders in the Northwest. While there, he and the President (thankfully) survived the one of the worst real estate downturns in two generations and became widely recognized to be one of the fastest growing companies, in any sector, in the Greater Puget Sound region.

Lamont was also President of Equity Holdings, a residential home builder and land developer based in the Puget Sound Region of Washington state, and more recently launched a new startup Aedalin which is the first national online exchange for transferable development rights.

He loves the outdoors, hitting the gym, fly fishing, mountain biking, spending time with his family and attending church and being with his church family.

To see what I have assisted with at some of consulting clients, go here


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