Builder One

This production builder wanted to sell out, but the company financials were in bad shape. Their data got corrupted which meant they could not even print a financial statement. The investment bankers he hired to sell his company needed audited financials, so he hired a CFO to help him get through the process. The CFO hired me as a consultant to help her with the process.

After the CFO was let go, I interviewed for the position and was hired. We got the financials in order, implemented an enterprise-class accounting system, and completely re-structured the organization to be tax efficient and get out from under a million dollar tax audit.

Meanwhile, the builder decided he’d rather just sell inventory and retire, while holding onto some major land holdings. After the massive downturn came and he could not sell a large piece of land, he decided to come out of retirement and build his way out of the plat.

Ultimately, we decided to go “all in” during the depths of the economic/real estate downturn and became

  1. One of the fastest growing companies in Puget Sound
  2. One of the largest privately held builders in the state

It was a real privilege to work with this very talented President to help architect the growth as well as run the company day-to-day for many years.

Though I certainly cannot take credit for what others did, I think the President would agree that I was a main architect of our growth and a key manager throughout.

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